Residential Services

AZ Cleaning Systems, LLC offers household cleaning services to residences of any size. We specialize in luxury homes as well as standard sized homes, and we offer customizable cleaning packages for all properties. First, our qualified professionals will meet with you in your home to determine your cleaning needs. After a thorough tour of your property and assessment of your needs: We will create a custom cleaning checklist, custom pricing and plan for your home. Contact us now for your complimentary estimate!

In all of my years as a business owner, AZ cleaning systems has been the best company I have had the privilege of working with! I highly recommend.

— Alex B.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Tiled flooring can be difficult to clean and keep clean due to texture. The grout in between the tiles can be especially difficult to clean due to its textured nature. The cleaning experts at AZ Cleaning Systems, LLC will carefully clean both, leaving the flooring in your home brighter and looking brand new.

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We excel at cleaning hard surfaces such as:

Carpet Cleaning

Our machines use powerful steam cleaning technology that removes stains, dirt, and odors from carpets while maintaining their softness and helping to prolong overall fiber strength. We’ll leave your carpets clean and fresh every time!

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We use the best technology availble to wash away all dirt and stains left behind



They brought the life back to my carpet, the rooms felt like they had new flooring.


— Curt K.

Oriental Rugs/Specialty Carpets

AZ Cleaning Systems, LLC offers extensive cleaning knowledge of specialty area rugs to help you maintain the beauty and value of your rug. Oriental rugs are unique pieces of art that enhance your home with a combination of beautiful textures and vibrant colors. We understand the value of your investment, and work to protect your investment by using state of the art equipment matched with invaluable fabric knowledge. We offer complimentary pick up and delivery, and all services are performed in our Tucson cleaning warehouse facility. Contact us now for your complimentary estimate!

Duct Cleaning

We strive for success when we perform our indoor air duct cleaning services each and every time. We are one of the most advanced air duct cleaning companies, because we use air vent duct cleaning technologies that simultaneously brush cleans vents, and vacuums debris while remaining self contained. Unlike other air duct cleaning companies with our method dirt is brushed loose inside the air duct, and immediately eliminated by powerful high CFM vacuums. There is no exhaust for the dust to escape our equipment. Whether we are cleaning your air conditioning ducts or your return air ducts, we are confident our method will leave your duct work cleaner than the other companies indoor air duct cleaning methods.


Keeping dryer vents clean and clear is an often over looked, and forgotten task, not only does it affect the efficiency of your dryer, it also puts you and your family at serious risk for a house fire. Build up of lint in your dryer vent reduces the air flow and subsequently the efficiency of your dryer. It also causes the dryer to use more energy to dry your clothing, there by costing you more money. Statistics from the US Product Safety Commission estimate that over 15,000 dryer fires occur each year. For this reason, it is recommended that you have your dryer vent cleaned, and inspected at least every 2 years, to identify potential hazards. Contact us today for Great deals and Professional service!

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